Presented by Raising Canes Chicken Fingers

Q: The Music of Queen

All Ages
Q: The Music of Queen will perform a LIVE STREAM & DRIVE IN at Lava Cantina on SATURDAY, MAY 30th at 9:30pm!

Q: The Music of Queen will perform a LIVE STREAM & DRIVE IN at Lava Cantina on SATURDAY, MAY 30th at 9:30pm presented by Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers & Five Star Ford Dallas!

You now have the option to view the the show IN PERSON, as a stream FROM HOME, or as a stream from a designated space at the venue or at our DRIVE-IN AT LAVA CANTINA!


The stream will be broadcast on Facebook Live [click on Lava Cantina The Colony's Video Tab at time of show] in full HD and is #FREE to watch, but TIPS are certainly appreciated throughout the broadcast! We encourage you to download the Facebook Watch App on your TV to maximize your viewing experience!

Once the Broadcast starts, you will be able to TIP and offer Gratuity at the ticket link on this event! A portion of all TIPS received will be donated to the MusiCares Foundation.

The first 200 people to TIP $20 or more during the broadcast will receive a $10 Gift Card to Lava Cantina The Colony PLUS our incredible PRESENTING PARTNERS!

Our Presenting Partners are providing the following in exchange for the $20 Gratuity / Tip:

A $10 Gift Card to Taverna Rossa [may be used in Plano or Southlake], a $10 Gift Card to Sushi Marquee at The Star, a $10 Gift Card to Shakertins [may be used in Allen or Austin Ranch], a $10 Gift Card to Scruffy Duffies AND a $10 Gift Card to Saintsbury Tavern!

Want the opportunity to WATCH AT LAVA CANTINA!? You now have TWO options!

🚨 Let's make a DRIVE-IN THEATER in our parking lot! 🚨

We have now been cleared to INVITE YOU to a designated parking spot in our parking lot with your own table and separated by more than 8-10' from the next closest family. You will have a "designated space" with a table facing a MASSIVE LED WALL and sound system in our parking lot! Whichever band is live streaming from our main stage will simultaneously be broadcast to this LED wall in FULL SOUND! You will be able to order food and drinks from one of our Concierges as well. Don't want to exit your car? That's OK... We will also broadcast on an FM station to listen from your car while watching with us!

Get your reserved parking and dining spot [6 people max], and it comes with TWO meals from our Drive-In Menu. Tickets available in this Event to reserve your space NOW! Parking Lot opens 45 minutes prior to show and you MUST EXIT immediately after broadcast to prepare for next show. Each stream is approximately 100 minutes long.

IMPORTANT! You may not leave your designated area without an escort from our staff, so just let your Concierge know if you are needing to exit your area for any reason [like a run to the restroom].

Also - Oversized vehicles will NOT BE PERMITTED out of respect to site lines of other guests.

🚨 View LIVE AT THE VENUE in a LIMITED capacity with table service… OR View the STREAM at the Venue in a LIMITED capacity while receiving table service! 🚨

**Please Note: We will have a LIMITED MENU available for these shows.**

All guests will be issued a “Safety Standards” upon arriving that STATES AND YOU AGREE THAT:

1. I certify that neither myself nor my guests have been in contact with an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 15 days.

2. I understand that I am not allowed to leave my defined space for the show unless it is for an emergency or to use the restroom, at which time I promise to adhere to maintaining the required 6’ social distancing standards;

a. If you are here for the Drive-In Experience, then you promise to adhere to our standards and agree to be escorted to the restroom [simply turn your light baton ON and put on your windshield].

3. I understand that this is a very sensitive time for our Community, and therefore I promise to be respectful to other people’s social distance of 6-8’ as well as using effective sanitation standards while present [refrain from touching my face, frequently hand wash / or sanitize, refrain from engaging other guests who are not in my party].

4. At no time will a guest be allowed to combine tables or share space with another guest.

5. Guests will be allowed to enter the venue no more than 45 minutes prior to the show and MUST exit immediately after the show has concluded:

a. Upon entry, guests will have these procedures reviewed in detail, agreed upon, and then will be escorted DIRECTLY to their stall or table;

b. Each Live Stream performance is 100 minutes long;

c. The MAX time any guest is ever allowed on premises is 2.5 hours;

d. Upon conclusion of the show, guests will swiftly exit the premises and go directly to their car.

6. I understand that I will only be issued one warning for violating a Code of Conduct and that failure to comply will lead to my immediate dismissal from the premises and no refund will be issued.

7. Lava Cantina takes this public health crisis extremely seriously and will not tolerate disregard for our rules pertaining to hosting these events, so we respectfully ask for your complete cooperation, your patience and your understanding throughout this very difficult time.

Upon PURCHASING A TICKET… you are agreeing to our Safety Standards for you AND your guests.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Venue Information:
Lava Cantina, The Colony
5805 Grandscape Blvd

The Colony, TX, 75056