Poo Live Crew - America's Favorite Party Band

Lava Cantina Presents

Poo Live Crew - America's Favorite Party Band

Fri ยท May 26, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$0.00 - $90.00

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Poo Live Crew - America's Favorite Party Band
Poo Live Crew - America's Favorite Party Band
John Bertram Davis came from a humble beginning . Born in Freemont ,CA , his family moved to Arlington ,TX when he was only 5 . Forced to be raised in a middle class family, he struggled as he attended public schools,(which he sometimes had to ride the bus to), and occasionally had to prepare his after school snack himself. Despite all these hardships, he took all his street knowledge and put it to use. At age 8, he sat himself down at a piano and started a fire inside himself that still grows more and more furious to this day. Joining his first band at age 11 with some fellow classmates,he started an impossible journey that is definately worthy of a Hollywood screenplay. At age 15,he found the group of fellas with just the right ingredients to do something real. That group was called The Soup. Playing their debut show at Trees in Dallas,15 year old frontman Davis was promised his band mates that they would change the arcitecture of the music industry forever. And that is exactly what happened. Sharing the stage with bands like The Toadies ,The Reverend Horton Heat, No Doubt, Voodoo Glowskulls,and leaving an awe inspiring wake at each gig,they were bound for greatness. At age 18, they signed their first record deal with Steve Records out of Dallas,went on a few mini tours across , and a year later ....(pause for effect)...they broke up.
So he grabbed his guitar and a bag of clothes and moved to Nashville TN. to join his brother as an aspiring songwriting duo. They joined a band with his brother,Michael as the front man and Davis would try his hand with playing bass. This band gloriously rocked the crap out of at least 3 angry,not at all hesitant to call the cops for noise , neighbors, and then called it quits. So off to Austin Tx. they went to try the music scene there. Artistically distracted by writers block (booze), Davis never really got into the music scene in Austin. So he moved back to his area where he grew up,this time settling in west Ft.Worth Tx. It was there where destiny would be fufilled.
After being part of 2 failed,but incredibly educational and necessary,bands, Davis stumbled into beloved west side watering hole "The Mule" one evening in the spring of '04 and unkowingly then,stare destiny in the face. A little 4 piece cover band called Poo Live Crew was playing that night. Talk about changing the arcitecture of the music industry,talk about life changing expiriences,talk about dreams coming true. Everything was right with the world for Davis. Just knowing such a band existed put a tingle in his britches. Over the next year or so, Davis was playing little solo gigs around town but always checking out Poo shows whenever he could. Until one night he was able to open for the mighty Poo at once again,The Mule. After that show, the pleats in the pants were bulging. It was just a few months later Davis joined the the greatest worst band in the universe. History books or Hollywood will have to tell you the rest of this epic tale. Till then.......
Venue Information:
Lava Cantina The Colony
5805 Grandscape Blvd
The Colony, TX, 75056